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PSAGOT Computer Solutions is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Partner and is committed to meeting all of Microsoft’s requirement.  We provide a combination of services tailored to maximize and optimize the effectiveness of the program to suit each client’s need.

About Us
Psagot Computer Solutions Ltd.

Psagot Computer Solutions specializes in providing computing services to businesses.

The “global village” we live in provides business owners with many technological opportunities, but it also entails significant media and computer challenges that require changes and improvements to suit the working environment to the dynamic pace of technology.

Today, day-to-day business activity is based on IT and communications systems, and professional bodies that provide computing services to businesses have become an integral part of the success of a successful business and the establishment of a business that aspires to be as such.

Psagot Computer Solutions Ltd. specializes in a wide range of computing services for businesses and has been operating successfully within this business environment for 14 years. The company is engaged in the design, development, and support of communications networks and computers, combined with unique advanced technologies. Psagot’s highly experienced team of experts will thoroughly study the areas of activity of your business and will develop a computing and communication system that will meet all of its existing and expected needs. Our customers know they are getting professional computing service.

Psagot Computer Solutions offers a wide range of
computing services for businesses:

System Department

Our System Department which is entrusted of: New servers assembly, managing existing servers, setting up and managing servers, monitoring, setting up backup systems, integrity checks, providing cloud services and Office365, planning and setting up internal and external backup systems in combination with a cloud, communication between branches, identifying and preventing potential problems.

Department of Communications
and Information Security

Department of Communications and Information Security which is responsible for: Implementing communication technologies that connect information systems in several offices, secure links to external entities (such as insurance companies and government offices), using network technologies, integrating smartphones and tablets into the work environment, information security and encryption of information to prevent business espionage.

Department of Internet

Department of Internet which is entrusted of: Website design and development, Web Hosting, setting up marketing systems, preparation of advertising banners to enrich the media field, management of social networks and viral exposure.

A technical support center

A technical support center that performs continuous computerized control of the computer and communication systems of all customers in real time, and accordingly operates the company’s field technicians and manages remote support projects. Psagot’s support center will provide your business with professional computing services, human response, professional and efficient, to solve every problem and malfunction.

Sales department

Sales department that markets hardware systems, software, servers and communication products, depending on the customer’s needs, while providing extended warranty for the products.

We believe that in the field of IT – Quality is critical and measured over time, therefore we are committed to providing computing services to businesses at the most professional level and to work to the highest standards.

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“I will be happy to meet and give your business the most advanced computing services“,

Tzachi Danon,

CEO of Psagot Computer Solutions Ltd.

Psagot Computer Solutions has been
a business partner of Microsoft

Psagot Computer Solutions has been a business partner of Microsoft for several years in a row.
As business partners, we are committed to meet the tests and certifications
 and provide three business customers to recommend us, year after year.

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